Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To Be An Ulzzang

 How To Be An Ulzzang Part 2 and How To Be An Ulzzang Part 3

Ulzzang is a Korean word that means ”best face”, and the term is used to describe people who have become popular for their appearances. The ulzzang craze started in South Korea, where some of the most famous ulzzangs can earn celebrity status.

Many ulzzang wannabes post their pictures on websites, where contests are often held to pick the prettiest faces. While many of these people are natural beauties, many contestants also photoshop their pictures and wear tons of makeup. As a result, some of them do not look anything like their pictures in real life.

I found the following thread on Soompi and thought I'd repost it here (quite shocking). These are NOT pictures of me lol.
Tutorial: How To Achieve The Ulzzang Look
Here's the secret to look like an Ulzzang

You'll need the following (colors were not specified)

MAC e/s, liquid foundation, and pressed powder
Anna Sui liquid e/l
L'Oreal mascara
Lip gloss
Eyelid glue

(Girl in the pictures claims she didn't photoshop her after pictures, but she must've done something to make her chin look so pointy...)



1. Circle lens + eyelid glue

2. Apply liquid foundation

3. Glue on falsies and apply mascara

4. Line the lower lashline with liquid e/l

5. Apply e/s

a) Brighten up the entire eyelid (between the brow and the eyelashes) using the white shadow.

b) Apply the black shadow as seen in the pic

c) Put on some gloss


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