Friday, August 24, 2012

The Power Of Makeup

watch the video

Here's Before and After

Before that clean your face 1st ;)

and apply your fav BB cream :)

blend it :D


circle lens

Apply eye shadow

Apply eyeliner

and mascara :)


apply false eyelashes

create shadows and bring your nose higher


apply orange blush and orange lipstic

curl your hair

and you are done!! let's take some selca :DD

hope u enjoy !
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lolita Cute Dress Part 2

moshi moshi!!
i wanna post about this cute dress again!!
you can read part 1 here and the other one is here

let's check it out!!

Deoration Dream One Piece. ahhh superB kawaii!! i love PINK so much >//< ♥

Blue mix with soft Pink! superB kawaii ♥

whooaa!! look at her hair! it's a wig btw :p

Angels whispering sacred night’s melody Jumper Skirt

Clothing featured with traditional floral prints and pretty colors

Dreamy Horoscope Jumper Skirt

Glass Bottle of Tears Jumper Skirt

Honey Cake round Jumper Skirt

Ribbon Stripe short-sleeved knitted cardigan and Marin Girl Skirt

Sheep Garden tiered Jumper Skirt

Sou Lace Rappa Sode One Piece

Strawberry Crown

Sugar Hearts Jumper Skirt

‘Royal Cards’ series

yeahhh well..
hope u enjoy it k :D
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Korean Fashion Dress

Hello !!
now i wanna post about F A S H I O N !!
Do u girl love to wear cute dresses ?
Now i'll show you the cutest and cool one!
let's check it out !!

hope u enjoy it!
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THANK YOU \(´▽`)/