Monday, March 26, 2012

How To Be An Ulzzang PART 2

without makeup

full makeup

with contact lens

to make your eyes looks bigger

applying your fav BB Cream
done with it

tap tap :p

apply black eyeliner
apply light brown eye shadow, smudged

apply dark brown eye shadow
to give double lid effect

Effect, with eyes close
after finish continue with the brush to paint under the eyes

apply your fav Mascara

Two false eyelashes stacked together, give the glue

Stick the eyelashes

the eyelash effect

lower lashes

Stick your lower lashes step by step

The first half of the lower eyelashes brush it

from your eyebrow down along the bridge of the nose on both sides. More down the color is more light, and slowly transition to the nose

Unfinished side effects, very different right?

Both sides finished

 Moistened with point-pearl white eye shadow

Apply to the middle bridge of the nose to do light

direction of the chin to fight the shadow

get it 

finish :D

Watch this!!


  1. wow..! you are good at it and the outcome looks prettty =)

  2. After all the makeup you look exactly like park bom o.O

  3. youre amazing at make up~ so pretty!!