Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monolid Eyes Makeup

Hi guys!!
i wanna tell u ma secret !!
sssttttt....!!!! don't tell anyone ok mah?? xDD
it's our secret between YOU and MEH!
HAHAH!! no la i'm just kidding mah..
don't b so serious la :P
u know
i'm Asian and i'm a Monolid :( *sigh
but don't worry for monolid!!
i'll help u to get DOUBLE eyelid !!
let's check it out!!

yeah as u can see this is ma real eyes without eyes makeup! No Circle Lens NO eyelid tape! HAHA
DAMN SMALL RIGHT!! like this meh >> -.- LOL *JK laa~

and NOW!! I'll show u how to magic trick your eyes become DOUBLE eyelid! huahuahua *evilLaugh! 
let's check it out!

and you must have this items!

this is the transparent one. i use this one

and this is the black one . i never try it. but i think this is awesome! u no need to put on your eyeliner right hahah ..

and how to use this HOT stuff!
check this out!

hope u enjoy ma post! ^^ 
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