Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lolita Fashion

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moshi moshi ~~
i wanna post about Lolita Fashion !
they're KAWAII >//<

Really looks like a princess ♥

With roses and hearts printed , you can be lovely and pretty ever♡

It’s summer time!  You have to carry a basket bag☆ Here is very Hime-kei version of it for your summer.

A kawaii bear in the center

You can take a look at many dresses for the summer!


And gorgeous kawaii shoes!


Many kawaii accessories ♪ Those are must to have to be Hime-kei lolita in Tokyo :)

アクセサリー類も充実♪ 姫系ファッションにはアクセが外せません。

 Lovely kawaii♡

 Ribbons are must to have on Hime-kei’s dress!

 姫に必要不可欠な要素、 リボンがいっぱい!

 The necklace is also a big ribbon with roses on the rim☆

 A matching head dress with the necklace♪

 These can match both for a dress or a yukata.  How about Japanese fusion sandal?

 a little pink bear!

 Other variations of ribbon accessories !


 And the roses and peals♪


Ok guys hope u enjoy it :D
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  1. Hime kei and lolita has very big difference. They're not same thing.