Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tokyo Fashion

Hi everyone!!
You know i'm very excited to post about Tokyo Fashion! :D
I'm addicted now! Haha~
Especially with Fairy Kei look ♥
And I'm in love with dip dyed hair and pastel hair colors ♥ they are so lovely ♥
Ok now I'll show u some pic that I've got from Tokyo Fashion's blog ;)

yeahhhh~~ IKR! They are CUTE !
chuaa ??? do u like it ?? YES I AM!! hahahha ..
Love the pastel color and PINK a LOT!! so cute! lovely and whatever! hahha :P
Thank You for your time♥
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  1. They're super kawaii! The guys look weird, but the girls are awesome!
    my blog:

  2. It looks so cute ~~
    Tokyo's street looks so trend-setting !!