Monday, July 28, 2014

Circular Quay

Hello guys!
Me and bf planning to get some shot for my new cute dress sponsored by Mart Of China clothing store.
they selling lots of cute dress and the most important thing is the price is really cheap but high quality!!
some detail of my dress click
here's my ootd.


a Line Black Mesh Paned Short Sleeve Sexy Dress

felt so cute wearing this dress from Mart Of China

it's getting dark here.

here's some beautiful shot

here's my happy face #TEHEE!
here's some angry face DX

it's getting cold! freezing

please excuse my cheek

beautiful sunset

some selfie won't hurt huh? :p

*kiss* anyone? :*

some darkkk pics!

so after shot some pics , we're going to have dinnaa!

on my way home

and some selfie in da bathroom. tehee!

front detail

Goodnight sweetheart♥


  1. Love this post <3

    I have a post about Japanese fashion, would you like to check it out:

    We can follow each other if you like? Let me know if you're in!

    Have a lovely day,

    xoxo Isabelle

  2. great pics :)

  3. hi dear! great blog! love your photos!! if you want we can follow each other! kisses!

  4. Very lovely ^^

    恵美より ♥

  5. ❥ nice post! It looks so pretty.. 💖