Sunday, January 6, 2013

Miss Eye Fairy Of Water Grey Review

Hello everyone!
Today I am going to review Miss Eye Fairy Of Water in Grey.
This review is 100% my opinion :D

Diameter : 17.80mm
Water Content : 48%
Tbh, these are the favorite lenses that I own! These lenses give a great enlargement effect, and really make the eyes look wide! I just love this lenses ,really give you a great dolly eyes ;D

What do you think ? Is it great? Yeah.. I think so ! This is my fav lenses so far :D 
I wore these for about 8 hours,
and as with any lenses my eyes were feeling a little dry but nothing out of the ordinary.
Overall : 9/10
 ♥ Affordable price
♥ Very comfortable
♥ Great enlargement effect
♥ Natural Dolly Eyes


  1. hy,first you are so beautiful,your blog is amazing and your eyes look amazing with this lenses. I have very small eyes, what kind of diameter for lenses do you recommend for me?

  2. Hi Doll, I have one of this too!! the burgundy color. So lovely! But it seems irritating my eyes, somehow when am wearing it, it feels like my eyes got poked by needles.. but I really love how the design n color that appear in my eyes. Maybe I was unlucky , where did u buy urs? I want to buy the same one like mine but from different seller , hopefully it will feels different/more comfortable in my eyes :D Nice photos btw :)

  3. Much love,
    "Keep up your posts :)!!

  4. Where did u buy these? I wanna buy 1 pair but I don't know where to. And how was the price?

  5. I wanted to ask a quick question. I saw these products at a website called I was wondering if you've ever heard this site before and I would really love it if you could tell me where you bought your pair :)